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Police Get Threat Email : Target PM and Narendra Modi Stadium


On Thursday night, the Mumbai police received a threatening email. The sender threatened to detonate bombs at the residence of the Indian President and the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad during the upcoming ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup matches. They demanded 500 crore rupees and the release of a criminal named Lawrence Bishnoi. The email also claimed that the terrorists had already sent people to carry out these attacks.

Currently, Lawrence Bishnoi is in Mandoli prison in Delhi. The threat email was initially sent to the National Investigation Agency (NIA), and it seemed to originate from Europe. The NIA then alerted the Mumbai police about it.

The police suspect that this email might be a hoax or a malicious act by someone in a foreign country. They are trying to trace the source of the email. In the meantime, they will assess and enhance security measures for the cricket matches if necessary.

The email stated, “We will detonate bombs at Narendra Modi‘s residence and the Narendra Modi Stadium if the government doesn’t give us 500 crore rupees and release Lawrence Bishnoi. We have made arrangements in India as well. No matter how much security you have, you won’t be safe from us. If you want to communicate, use this email.”

A case has been registered against Khalistani leader Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, who had also threatened to target the World Cup matches and seek revenge for the death of Shaheed Nijar three weeks ago.

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