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PUBG Mobile: Best ways to spot campers

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Remaining careful and adjusting to new techniques is basic for endurance in the always-changing climate of PUBG Portable. Setting up camp is a famous strategy where players conceal in a specific spot and hang tight for clueless prey. To prevail in the game, you should have the option to recognize campers effectively. There are sure things you can do to accomplish this, from relying upon acoustic signals and studying strategic positions to utilizing throwables

Pay attention to sounds

Sound signs are one of the most solid ways of spotting campers in PUBG Portable. Take as much time as necessary tuning in for strides, gunfire, or even the stirring of grass and leaves. In the event that you hear these sounds yet can’t see anybody, there is a huge chance that a camper is close by.

Utilizing a top notch headset can assist you with finding the course and distance of these commotions, giving you a strategic benefit.

Scout high grounds

Campers regularly look for rise spots with a reasonable view. Really take a look at slopes, structures, or bluffs for planned campers at whatever point you approach a region, particularly towards the focal point of the protected zone.

Utilize throwables

Utilize your weapon’s degree to review these strategic positions, as it gives a superior field of vision. Tread carefully while moving toward such districts, as campers can enjoy a benefit in the event that you are surprised.

Loot crate bait

Campers regularly position themselves in high-traffic regions, trusting that clueless players will move toward plunder cartons. Be careful when you notice a container. Take safe house and output the region for development or expected ambushes.

Approach with alert since certain campers can situate themselves close to the plunder boxes. By staying cautious, you can decrease your possibilities succumbing to this famous setting up camp stunt.


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